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Women's Strength Training Anatomy reviewed

My periods of continuous weight training and concentrated stretching have been sporatic at best. When injury would force me into the weight room, I would attend faithfully, until recovery was eminent. Although I hold a master's degree in Exercise Physiology, I often wonder what sort of exercise would target that weak muscle, or unsightly protusion. Women's Strength Training Anatomy, written by French author Frederic Delavier is a book to answer these questions and more. Filled with colorful diagrams and artistic drawings, he evaluates the anatomy of the major areas of the body (buttocks, legs, abdominals and back) and outlines exercises to target each area. I was encouraged to note that a large percentage of the exercises can be performed without joining a gym or power lifting. But the selling point of the book is the diagrams. Each exercise is accompanied by a beautiful and detailed sketch of the exact muscles which are being targeted. Besides exercises and anatomy, it offers information on common injuries and how to avoid them. Not to be missed is the introduction which has an interesting look at fat deposits in women, and the purpose of these fat deposits. (Maybe I don't feel so bad about having them, after all). The extensive glossary is confined to the front and back jacket of the book, making it possible to find a definition without leaving your page. This is a wonderful addition to any runner's library. It educates without boring you, it illustrates what it recommends. It is so beautiful to look at, it is almost a coffee table book. It would make a fine gift, or a valuable resource. You can buy this book at Human Kinetics.

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