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Sports Speed-3rd Edition by George Dintiman, Robert Ward

Sports Speed is a how-to book on speed. It presents a program to train the athlete for all movements and skills in their sport which require high speed. Sports Speed provides a tool for accessing the speed of the athlete, then goes on to offer specific steps in building the foundation for the individual sport. Different ways of improving speed and power are discussed, including weight training, ballistics, plyometrics and specific training for the aerobic and anaerobic systems. Finally, speedi skills such as stopping and starting, cutting and accelerating, and sprinting form are covered. This is a book designed for the speed athlete and the speed coach. It would not be useful to the speed dabler, or someone not interested in following a regimented pattern of speed. As a long distance racer, I find little use for loaded vests, high intensity weight training and the skills involved in sprint training. The plyometrics section was good, but focused more on the power drills involving jumping and twisting, which could cause injury to the ill-prepared. If you are involved in track and field, or have a high skill level in a speed sport, such as soccer, basketball or tennis, you may find this to be a very useful book. To the long distance racer, you may find that it is more than you need.

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