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Self-Defense Techniques & Tactics

Self-Defense is not an easy sell. No one wants to believe that they would ever have to employ any kind of defense against would be attackers. Yet the fact remains that in 2001, there were 5.7 million victims of violence in the U.S. alone. For every 1000 persons age 12 and older there occurs one rape or sexual assault, 2 assaults with injury and 3 robberies. (Statistics courtesy of US Dept of Justice.) Personal protection is the responsibility of each of us. That said, we now look at the new book, Self-Defense Techniques and Tactics by Joseph B. Walker. This is an honest, complete book, written for the person determined to learn the most effective ways to defend themselves. Beginning with mental readiness (assessing situations, responding to certain situations), and then following with actual moves, strikes, kicks and defenses, it offers many techniques for self-defense success. This is not a book to just read however; it requires practice with a partner. I think the most effective use of this book would be to go through it as a group, practicing some of the routines. Bottom line: the book is very useful and will offer many good plans for defense, but the greatest value of the book would be as a manual for a group self-defense class. Talk to your running club buddies. Buy the book.

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