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ACSM Fitness Book-3rd Edition, Foreword by Arnold Schwarzenegger

I am frequently asked fitness questions from nonrunners. Invariably, the conversation will go somewhat like this: "I would love to run, but my knees just can't take it." Instead of diplomatically suggesting that perhaps they are merely lazy, I offer other exercise suggestions. Getting in shape is such a daunting task, and most people just don't know where to start. So for those people there is the definitive ACSM book, written by the American College of Sports Medicine. You won't find fad diets, or revolutionary training programs in this book. Instead, you will see a practical step by step guide to increasing your fitness. Complete with colorful pictures of smiling participants, you can get your coach potato friends on the road to fitness in no time. It offers information on determining your body composition, and fitness tests you will take to determine not only your aerobic fitness but your muscular strength and flexibility. You don't need any fancy equipment or special knowledge to complete the tests. The plans that follow are specially geared to your specific level of fitness. For example, although I am the picture of aerobic fitness, my flexibility is inferior to most people under the age of 90. Therefore, my workout will include very basic flexibility drills with my aerobic training. The exercises used are sensible and easy to follow; naturally, they are also safe to do. There is even a nice section in the back to record your progress. Bottom line: This book is geared to the new exerciser striving to reach a basic level of fitness. It can also be useful for balancing a primarily aerobic workout schedule and can alleviate injuries which occur from lack of flexibility or muscular strength. Good basic book for your library.

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