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Photo courtesy of Thom Hunt

What you will find in WomenRunners

WomenRunners is a collection of resources, pictures and articles for women runners. We cater to all runners, and welcome any pictures and article suggestions. If you would like to be mentioned, or have something to contribute, email me (mbprine@gmail.com). Enjoy your running!

Injured? Refuel your love for running with a new exercise tool

OK, I've been running a long time. And like most runners, I have had my down times. Presently, I am struggling with plantar fascitis, pain in the bottom of my foot. I have decreased the mileage, and was using my LeMond bike, which helped maintain my endurance and cadence while keeping off my foot. But it left me half satisfied, as the arms just hold on. This changed when I found the Smooth Fitness Elliptical Trainer. This is an incredible machine. Really. I have had it for about a month, and with the exception of the bungled delivery, have been more than thrilled about the purchase. It gives me a smooth, mind body running experience from the safety of my home. I can use music to maintain the pace, drink cold icy water when needed, and can work at a high intensity (HR over 130) for as long as I want (over 90 minutes sometimes!). The carryover for running has also been huge. Where before I was sometimes concerned that I could not complete a 2 hour run, I am now confident that I can easily do this run, as hard as I want, using the excellent form that I have practiced on the elliptical. Truly, this is a piece of equipment that all runners would appreciate.

Get excited about running!Kastor

We all run for a reason. Some run to lose weight, some run to challenge their physical abilities. Some enjoy the stress relief, and others use their running time to nurture friendships. I have been running for 35 years now. And still, the joy of a perfect run, the gentle exertion and exhilarating freedom redefine the reasons daily. Here are some sites you may use to nurture your running ...






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